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Biomass to Energy conference presentation

This is an interesting conference presentation by Frederico Tunzio containing 96 slides.

The definition of biomass as a potential fuel source is discussed, and it is noted that important reserves of biomass are currently designated as waste materials.

Commercially available technologies for biomass processing are discussed, principally from an Italian perspective.  Some costing information is included, for example a 200 kWe fluid bed gasifier based system processing rice husks can cost around 700,000 Euro.

Fluid Bed gasifier for rice husks in Chile generates 200 kW of electric power

The presentation is relatively technical and the intended audience is likely to be engineers.

Many examples are for utility scale plants and a wide range of technologies are discussed including hot gas cleaning technologies.

The regulations in place in Italy concerning biomass processing are also discussed.

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Biomass to Energy conference presentation 0 reviews

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