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Woodchip fuelled biomass boiler and energy production module

This relatively large sawmill uses wood chips derived from virgin (i.e. untreated) waste wood to generate up to 100 kW of electric power.

Scraps of wood and bark are shredded into chips by a chipper machine and fed into a biomass boiler that provides high pressure water to the energy production module.

The biomass boiler (shown in red) and energy production module (shown in white) are mounted under a large lean-to (about 15 m x 15 m). The chipper is mounted in a closed metal container (about 15m long and 2.6m high) located in the open beside the lean-to (shown in green).  The evaporative cooling tower for the condensation stage of the energy production module is also outside the lean-to.

The energy production module used here is a Zuccato Energia ZE-100-LT produces – in nominal conditions – 100 kW electric power when fed 850 kW of thermal power through the customary overheated (160°C) water loop, used by all LT-Series modules.  The control panel was slightly customized  to integrate with the customer's requirements and has been operating since 2014.

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Woodchip fuelled biomass boiler and energy production module 0 reviews

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